Nachtasyl & Pingipung

MD Pallavi & Andi Otto

DJ-Support: Klotz von Blammo
MD Pallavi visits Germany in 2022 to record and produce a new album together with Andi Otto. The concert at Nachtasyl is the only show in Germany! Their collaboration dates back to 2016 when they released their first track "Bangalore Whispers" and toured Japan in 2017. The duo will present first work-in-process versions of MD Pallavi’s songs in her mother tongue Kannada, a South-Indian language spoken in the state of Karnataka. Their new album is planned to be released at the end of 2022.

DJ-Support: Klotz von Blammo (Laut & Luise)

MD Pallavi is a singer, actress and filmmaker from Bangalore, South-India. She has a degree in Hindustani classical music from Benares University and has been performing Kannada poetry (bhavageethe) for the last twenty five years. She has won the META Best Actress award for her solo theatrical piece C Sharp C Blunt. She has won the State award for her song in the film Duniya, and the State Kempegowda award for her contribution in the field of music. She has acted in Girish Kasaravalli's Gulabi Talkies and Prakash Belawadi's Stumble - both National-Award winning feature films. ‘Playgrounds’ , a short film she co-wrote and directed, won the best film award in the Hong Kong Film Festival and at IFFLA, Los Angeles. She has been awarded the prestigious national award „Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar“ for her contribution to the field of Bhav Sangeet (music). She is keen on collaborating with multidisciplinary artists.

Andi Otto is a sound artist, composer and cellist from Hamburg. On stage, he plays a sensor-extended cello bow which he has developed in collaboration with STEIM in Amsterdam. This "Fello" instrument allows for gestural performance of the electronically processed sounds of the amplified cello.
As a producer Andi Otto has released six albums on various labels. He traveled to India, Japan and Rwanda for his musical collaborations. He composed the music for Max Fey's debut film "Zwischen Uns", showing in cinemas in summer 2022. When he composes for theatre and dance performances, he rarely works with ordinary forms of scoring a play or show. Instead, he has developed various open sound installations for performers embodying and interacting with electronic sound in fine-tuned stage situations.
Andi Otto is also a member of the Flinnworks performance collective from Berlin and co-founder of the Pingipung record label. He teaches Sound Arts at the Bern Academy of the Arts and hands-on classes on mapping experimental interfaces at Leuphana Lüneburg and HU Berlin.
Di 15.03.2022   Hamburg
Einlass: 19:00 –  Beginn: 21:00 –  Anfahrt
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Ein Kurzurlaub im Nachtasyl
Ticketpreis 10,00 €